About Supraderm


Supraderm™ is an all-natural barrier and healing cream for the treatment and prevention of topical skin rashes and irritations, quickly, safely and effectively.

How was supraderm developed?

Supraderm was created by a devoted mom, Majda Ficko, for her son, Demitri, who was born with Cornelia de Lange, a rare syndrome that has left him severely disabled and susceptible to skin rashes and infections.

There was no product on the market that could heal and protect Demitri’s skin that wasn’t free from chemicals or perfumes. Two years working with a Research Chemist, Majda developed a product that could heal a multitude of skin rashes using only 4 all-natural ingredients.

Majda’s son doctors noted how well the product was working; her son no longer needed antibiotics or hospital visits, and encouraged her to sell the cream. Her first product launch was as Baby Butz cream but as customers soon found out the formulation healed more than stoma and diaper rashes, the product was side branded for the adult market and now called Supraderm.

Supraderm is a product manufactured in Canada by Olen Cosmetics Corporation and is Patent Protected.