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Baby Butz All Natural Zinc Diaper Cream Works, Even With Cloth Diapers

Whether you have chosen to use cloth or disposable diapers a diaper cream containing zinc should be the only product that you use to heal your little one’s diaper rash. There is currently a rumor going around that zinc, can ruin the fabric of your expensive cloth diapers. This is absolutely untrue, in some situations the zinc contained within regular diaper rash creams has been seen to fade or stain cloth diapers. However, it certainly doesn’t “ruin” them. Not to mention it is a bit illogical that parents would be more concerned about bits of fabric than the well being of their infant? Let’s be completely candid- your cloth diapers are meant to be pooped and peed in, A bit of zinc staining really shouldn’t be too concerning.


Zinc is the Best Remedy For A Diaper Rash!

Some cloth diaper manufactures have gone as far as to suggest that parents use organic oils or baby lotions to help soothe diaper rashes instead of using zinc containing bum creams. This is an absolutely horrible idea because diaper rashes are caused by moisture these oils actually add additional moisture.

While, natural diaper rash creams containing zinc create a moisture barrier for the skin while also allowing the skin to absorb the zinc mineral which has proven healing properties.   Ask any paediatrician and they will tell you that oils and lotions on diaper rashes are a big “No! No!” These products do not allow the skin to breathe and heal which is an essential part of the recovery process for a diaper rash.

It is important to note that zinc is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in all of our bodies. It is a well-known cell accelerant that helps your body heal on its own. There is no known substance that relieves skin irritation quite like zinc. It works so well that it is used in hospital burn units to help heal third degree burns. In some cases they will even inject the patient with zinc to help jumpstart the natural healing process. Because a diaper rash is similar to a chemical burn, caused by moisture and urine contacting the skin, zinc is the most logical natural substance to treat it!

Baby Butz is Safe For Cloth Diapering Moms To Use Every Day!

Cloth diapering is a fantastic natural alternative to disposable diapering. However, it is important that cloth-diapering parents know all of the facts before choosing to boycott zinc containing diaper creams like Baby Butz. One of the down sides to cloth diapering is that the fabrics are not nearly as absorbent as disposables, placing your baby at a higher risk for developing a painful diaper rash! This is why we recommend zinc containing diaper rash cream for cloth diapering babies. Even if it does discolour or change the fabric over time, it is still the only proven way to heal a diaper rash effectively.

Do not just take our word for it! Visit or testimonials page for fantastic reviews that have been written by moms just like you verifying the brilliant healing capabilities of Baby Butz diaper rash cream.



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