Earlier this month, Olen’s founder Majda Ficko was invited to The Birth Centre in Winnipeg to give a talk to midwives and new moms. In this amazing facility that has helped many new lives come into this world, Majda shared her own experience as a mother and how she was inspired to make products that are safe and effective for baby and kids. Olen’s star product Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream and the recently launched 100% all-natural 50+ SPF sunscreen, Sunblocz, have attracted much attention. 

To Majda, it was a great opportunity to form new connections with people who are intimately connected with babies and parenthood. By sharing their stories, Olen was not only able to introduce its quality products to the community, but also hear the needs and concerns from the midwives and moms, which was extremely valuable to Olen’s development as a company and informative for its future products.