Baby Butz Is Great For Your Skin!

I really do like Baby Butz diaper rash cream. A few weeks ago I made the joke that by now you readers probably think that my family is absolutely lathered in this stuff because it is pretty much all I talk about on this blog. Well in case you are new to the game this is the “Baby Butz” blog. Majda has been kind enough to let me run the show here as long as I mention this wonderful product from time to time. Doing that is pretty easy because it is a good product and it holds up to it’s amazing reviews. 

I’ve enjoyed posting “unexpected” uses for Baby Butz- because although, it is a diaper rash cream meant to primarily treat diaper rash, the zinc component is actually quite useful for many other things. It can help take the redness out of pimples for instance. And it works magnificently to reduce the itch from a bug bite. However, I recently discovered a new use for Baby Butz that I thought I’d share with you.

A bit of back-story here: I am allergic to the sun. I love sunbathing but when I get even the slightest amount of U.V contact I usually break out in a rash. This goes on for the first few weeks of the summer. My skin erupts into a very unpleasant and itchy rash that makes people look at me funny and ask if I have been to the doctor.

I have a prescription for cortisone cream that I don’t even bother with. The rash flairs up repeatedly with sun exposure and the cream don’t remove it or contain the itch. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t an annoying condition. I have been looking for a treatment for years with very little luck.

It put the Baby Butz On The Skin
Much less irritated!

The other day for kicks and giggles I decided to apply some Baby Butz to the area, just to see what would happen. I lathered it on, put on a long sleeve shirt and went to bed. This morning my rash is not itchy or inflamed. Thank you again, diaper rash cream!

My next plan of action is to attempt to use it as a preventative treatment and apply it immediately after the rash emerges. I’ll keep you up to date on this one.

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