photo credit: storyvillegirl via photopin cc
photo credit: storyvillegirl via photopin cc

Baby Butz Helps Little Bums Heal Fast!

Nobody likes to see his or her child in any sort of pain. Mild to severe diaper rashes can be extremely painful and should not be left unattended. Unfortunately, very young children are not able to communicate that they are hurting. Some kids, who have a diaper rash may not even act too bothered by it. This does not mean that it should not be taken care of. The good news is diaper rashes are extremely easy to treat especially with the zinc containing diaper rash cream Baby Butz.


Why is Baby Butz Better?

We’ve talked many times before on this blog about why Baby Butz is better than any other type of diaper rash cream that you can find in Canada. One of the best things about it is that it is 100% all natural. What this means is that it does not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. The primary ingredients in Baby Butz diaper rash cream are all naturally occurring in nature and generally good for you!

In addition to being a natural baby produce with the NPN number to prove it, Baby Butz also contains one of the highest percentages of the skin healing zinc mineral. Most, diaper rash creams contain zinc but very few have as much in them as Baby Butz! Not to mention there are only four simple ingredients in the Baby Butz cream making it a very simple, yet effective diaper rash treatment:

– Zinc Oxide

– Lanolin

– Petrolatum

– Corn Starch

Baby Butz A Natural Remedy For Diaper Rash

As more and more parents grow increasingly concerned about the chemicals that their child comes into contact with, the demand for natural and safe baby products continues to grow. Baby Butz, is a mom-trusted solution to a common problem. Diaper rashes although unpleasant, are a normal part of growing up. The key to making sure that your child does not suffer with a diaper rash is quick treatment. Infants who suffer from re-occurring diaper rash can be treated with Baby Butz as a preventative measure. It also comes in handy as a diaper bag staple because of its immense skin healing properties.

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