This year Baby Butz diaper rash cream was proudly was honored with a 2014 Family Choice award. The “Families’ Choice Award” recognizes the best in children’s and parenting products in the country. Once again, our all-natural diaper cream has gained notoriety as fantastic option for Canadian families.

What Makes Baby Butz So Unique

One of thing that sets Baby Butz diaper rash cream apart from the competitors is our dedication to offering a substance for babies that is both nurturing and natural. Many, large corporations prefer to focus primarily on the bottom-line. They have no problem misleading consumers by presenting their products as “natural” and “healthy” without offering the supportive evidence to the back up these claims. By choosing to include ingredients in their products for children that are not beneficial for their health, or necessary for the function of the product. These actions prove that these companies’ care only about financial gain and not the health of future generations.

Even though it is ultimately left up to the parent to make the right purchase choice for their family, misleading advertisements and claims can often skew the understanding of an uninformed consumer.

babybutzlogoBaby Butz Is Different!

By being candid about our ingredient list, and proudly displaying our NPN Label on the side of every container sold, Baby Butz does our duty to assure parents that the ingredients in our products are both nurturing and natural. We back our “claims” with proven science and clearly defined ingredients. Read Our Full List of Ingredients Here..

Whether you are a concerned parent, or just a curious consumer, you can find all of the information that you need regarding Baby Butz on our website. We put in the extra time and attention to make sure that our product exceeds your expectations for what a diaper cream should be!

By doing this we can meet the needs of all-natural mom’s, children with special allergens, chronic diaper rash sufferers and anyone else who finds our product beneficial.

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bloggerbrandieBrandie Peters is a full time blogger from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson.

She has been using only all natural baby products for a year and half now.