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My Own Experience Changing Diapers

One thing I have learnt in the last few months is that as your baby gets older diaper changes go from being “easy breezy” to an absolute battle. My son Jack, absolute loathes disruptive bum changes when he is playing. He will kick, flail, and scream until I get him on the change pad. However, once he has been calmed down he usually let’s me “get the job done” with relatively little grief.

Despite the fact that Jack doesn’t like to be interrupted from his play, I like to think that we have always done our best to make diaper time a positive and calming experience.

Baby Butz Diaper Rash
This is my son, this is how he eats his breakfast, toddler fun never stops.

Obviously, nobody “loves” to change diapers, but if you can do it in a manner that encourages mutual bonding between yourself and your child, the whole thing tends to go much smoother. Below, I have included a list of tips that I have followed to help make diaper time relatively stress free. Hopefully this will to help other parents get through diaper duty.

1. If it is just the two of your bring the diaper station to the baby while they play. Talk calmly as you explain that it will only take a minute. Keep their toys in sight. You can even let them play with while you change them.

2. If the room is busy with people, take your L.O into a private area that is quiet and away from the crowd. This will help them relax.

3. While you change their diaper sing to them, tickle their toes and tummy, and keep them engaged. This will stop them from rolling around and getting distracted.

4. Talk encouragingly about their different body parts. It is healthy to use proper names. If they try to touch themselves (let’s be honest baby’s do this) calmly remove their hands. Some people believe that how you react to this actually impacts their sexual understanding- I am not sure, but I prefer to stay calm about this sort of thing just in case. 

5. Talk to your L.O while you change their diaper, tell them what you are doing so that they feel safe. Getting in the habit of this will help you, as they get older. Say things like “Now we are getting our Baby Butz Bum Cream for your rash.” “Now we are grabbing a fresh diaper for your bum” Babies love it, they may even giggle.

At first it may seem like a bit of overkill to establish this kind of routine for diaper changes. However, I firmly believe that it is beneficial for both you as the parent and the baby so that you both associate positively with the experience. I encourage my husband to do these things also.

So far I think that we must be doing something right because for the most part Jack (sixteen months) usually lays calmly for his diapers…that is, once you catch him!

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