10 Must-have Books for Your Baby’s First Library

One of the best things your baby will discover about this world is it has BOOKS, mountains after mountains of them! However, every book worm’s journey must start somewhere. Here are 10 books on our list to help you begin building up that library. They are great for leading your little one into the wonderful world […]

What to expect of your newborn baby

photo by Tim Bish It’s a new year, a new beginning and many wonderful new lives to be welcomed into this world. If you happen to be anticipating a new member of your family, here are a few things that are useful to know about your newborn baby. Don’t be alarmed if your baby is […]

Meeting at The Birth Centre

Earlier this month, Olen’s founder Majda Ficko was invited to The Birth Centre in Winnipeg to give a talk to midwives and new moms. In this amazing facility that has helped many new lives come into this world, Majda shared her own experience as a mother and how she was inspired to make products that […]

Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway!

We’ve paired up with Freshly Picked to give away a pair of their lovely moccasins – a perfect holiday gift for your little one! All you need to do is to follow both Olen and Freshly Picked on Instagram Olen Freshly Picked and tag a friend in the comment under our giveaway post. More tags, more […]

Diaper Rash

  Your child has a diaper rash. Stay calm. It happens to nearly every parent, and it’s not your fault. Subtle changes in your child’s diet, a loose fitting diaper, or something seemingly unrelated, like introducing new medications, are all common culprits of diaper rash. Teething, for example, generates excess saliva, which then enters your […]

Do I need sunscreen in WINTER?

Waking up with a layer of snow on the ground,winter has finally arrived in the heart of Canada! As the day grows shorter and the sun slants ever more each day, you may think it’s finally time to put your sunscreen back into the cupboard, well, think again. Winter’s short day time and low temperature are […]

Did you know that there are Two Kinds of Sunscreen?

  Sunscreens come in two basic formulations. One contains chemical compounds as the active ingredients and the other contains natural organic compounds. The two work very differently. Most sunscreens on the market today are generally chemical based and must be absorbed into the skin to be effective via a chemical reaction with the UV rays. […]

Some toys are better played OLD

As we grow older, it becomes harder for us to recall how much we used to be emotionally invested in our toys when we were little, and how much joy and thrill they had brought to our childhood. Today we live in a world that is saturated with technologies, neither adults nor children can escape […]

We are Leaping Bunny Certified!

Olen Cosmetics Corporation’s application to the Leaping Bunny Certification has just been approved! This is an animal cruelty-free certification created in 1996 by eight national animal protection groups, banded together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The organizations are: The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping […]

Wanna Free Baby Butz and Sunblocz?

Interested in a free jar of Baby Butz or a free tube of Sunblocz? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and leave a comment below the promo posts. If chosen, all you need to do is go on that social media platform from which you were picked, and post 1) an image of […]