Swimming With Diaper Rash, What to Know

Can I Take My Baby Swimming If She/He Has A Diaper Rash? Being that it is summer and pool season again we are getting a lot of inquiries about swimming and diaper rash.  Generally, if you see that your little one has a diaper rash then you may not want to take them into a chlorinated […]

The Green Scene Mom Awards Congratulates Baby Butz Cream as an Award Winner!

Why We Love Them     Baby Butz Cream heals, restores, and moisturizes with the help of all natural ingredients. Free from preservatives, perfumes, chemicals, and alcohol, Baby Butz Cream was developed by a mom searching for a natural solution for her own child. In the seven years she has used the cream on her […]

Baby Butz, Natural and Nurturing

This year Baby Butz diaper rash cream was proudly was honored with a 2014 Family Choice award. The “Families’ Choice Award” recognizes the best in children’s and parenting products in the country. Once again, our all-natural diaper cream has gained notoriety as fantastic option for Canadian families. What Makes Baby Butz So Unique One of […]

All-natural soothing cream hitting shelves

Majda Ficko was initially going to keep Baby Butz cream to herself. But after she realized the cream could be a major benefit to others, the East St. Paul businesswoman opted to make the product easily accessible. Ficko’s 16-year-old son, Demitri, has Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a rare genetic developmental disorder that has allowed him […]

Covering babies' Butz, GLOBALLY

She’s already won over some of Canada’s leading grocery and pharmacy chains, and now the local creator of a diaper-rash cream is being courted by distributors from some of the world’s largest overseas markets. Madja Ficko, who still runs her Olen Cosmetics Corporation out of her East St. Paul home, said four distributors are vying […]

Happy 16th Birthday Demitri!

My forever baby, Who would have thought this was possible…not the Doctors…not the nurses…not even me. I remember the first three years of your life as a constant blur of medical emergencies, hospital stays and life and death decisions. Your instinct for survival is amazing…every time we received a prognosis that was not good you […]

30Second Mom Loves This

Some more great reviews from 30 Second Mom. 30Second Mom Loves This Review by 30Second Mom Cheryl Leahy Review by 30Second Mom Melanie Bierlein