Swimming With Diaper Rash, What to Know

Can I Take My Baby Swimming If She/He Has A Diaper Rash? Being that it is summer and pool season again we are getting a lot of inquiries about swimming and diaper rash.  Generally, if you see that your little one has a diaper rash then you may not want to take them into a chlorinated […]

Baby Beach Day Tips

Tips for Beach Days With Your Baby Packing for the beach is always tricky, especially when you are packing for two (or more). Since your little one can’t pack for himself or herself, it is up to you to bring the essentials. With Sunblocz – the all-natural sunscreen, available now from Olen Baby & Kids, […]

Introducing Sunblocz' Natural Sunscreen, SPF 50

Sunblocz is the brand new member of the Olen family of products! With two different incarnations – one for baby and kids, one for adults, Sunblocz is a safe and highly effective sunscreen recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians to be safe for baby and children’s sensitive skin! This all-natural sunscreen applies white for visibility then […]

Treatment of severe diaper rash caused by diarrhea, what works

[:en]When a baby gets diarrhea, diaper rash usually follows. There is nothing worse than having a sick baby. Coping with the poop mess caused by a baby who is suffering from diarrhea is something that no parent enjoys. Sounds gross? If you are a new mom or dad, the truth is, eventually this is a […]

The Story behind Olen’s Logo Animals

If you’ve been using Baby Butz Cream and Sunblocz or browsing through our website, you may already be familiar with our faces.  We are the logo animal mascots for Olen. Besides being absolutely adorable (thank you very much, we totally agree with you), there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the reason […]

Seven Ways for the Stay-at-Home Parent to Relax

Today (August 15) is National Relaxation Day. Though we can’t pinpoint exactly where or when this “holiday” began, we do know it’s an important one! Even if you can’t get to the spa, we know that you’ll want to take a few minutes of “you time” today, so here are a few helpful ideas for […]

Bad Diaper Rash: How not to treat your baby's diaper rash

[:en]We’ve all heard the expression “soft as a baby’s bottom” as a comparison to something new and fresh – however, when your little one has a bad diaper rash flare up it is more like “red as a baby’s bottom” or “sore as a baby’s bottom. For a mother, there is nothing more unnerving than […]

Happy Father's Day!

[:en] FATHER stands for Funny, Amazing, Thoughtful, Happy, Earnest and Reliable. You are and always will be the special one for your family.   In honour of all of the amazing fathers out there, we want to wish all you dads a Happy Father’s Day! Have a fabulous weekend.  [:]

Watch the review on Baby Butz cream posted on body and health

We were invited to review this Baby Butz cream but unless I can convince my aching body, leaking bladder and overworked husband that having another child is a good idea then there are no butz in this house younger than 5. However we do have a few different skin issues especially with my youngest who […]