10-year-old daughter’s pat-down?

Airport security is a serious matter, no doubt. But did TSA agents go too far when they patted down a 10-year-old girl after finding a Capri Sun juice pouch in her carry-on bag?

15 excuses when you wear the same outfit

Yes, you saw me wearing this outfit yesterday. And probably last week, too. And I’m wearing it again today. Heads up, you’ll likely be seeing a lot of this winning fashion

Why I cried when my 4th son was born

I lingered in the girl’s section every time I went to the mall or to Target. I picked out adorable shoes and pink floral outfits and placed them neatly in the cart, constantly eyeing them as I strolled the aisles and then putting them back before checking out. After all, I did promise myself I […]