Is your child suffering from frequent diaper rashes, it may have something to do with their diet!

Certain foods that are particularly acidic like tomatoes and citric fruit may cause an irritated rash that looks similar to a diaper rash. Despite what it looks like a rash caused by food sensitivities is different than a typical diaper rash because it is not caused by moisture but from contact with the digested food.

If your babies’ bum does become irritated because of something that they ate, a zinc containing diaper rash cream like Baby Butz can help to soothe and treat the area. With that in mind, if a certain type of food is causing the rash it will probably continue to re-occur whenever that food is ingested regardless of how much diaper rash cream you use to prevent it.

How do you know what food is causing the rash?

Like we mentioned above the most likely culprit is acidic foods. Sensitivities to these types of food can appear to look like a diaper rash. The good news is even if your child experiences a slight rash from eating fruits or vegetables it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are allergic to those foods, they may just have a sensitive skin.

The best way to deal with this, is to allow everything in moderation and continuing to offer a variable diet. However, if you do notice the rash correlating with a specific food all of the time, it is a good idea to cut back or avoid it altogether.

If you aren’t certain what food is causing the problem it may be worthwhile to consult with your child’s doctor. It is a good idea to make the appointment while the rash is visible so that the doctor can see it and give you his professional opinion.

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