You have been a mom for a few days, after getting a handle on nappies and drools, now you face the next hurdle of taking your baby outside. Getting outside of the house has never felt this daunting!

Before embarking on your adventure, there are a few things to know and prepare so your excursion can go as smoothly as possible.

When in doubt, talk to your doctor before taking your baby out on a trip. Make sure your baby is healthy enough to join you on a journey outside the house.

Avoid crowds and enclosed spaces in the first few months to minimize chances of exposure to germs. It is alright to be firm about not letting others handle your newborn at this early stage. 

Start with small steps, such as taking your baby out for a short walk in the nearby park, or taking your baby to visit your paediatrician. 

Bring a blanket when you take your newborn to a doctor’s appointment. Sometimes your baby needs to be undressed and there could be a period of waiting time before the doctor comes to examine your child. The blanket ensures your little one can wait in comfort.

Always keep your diaper bag stocked and ready to go. Baby Butz cream is a great addition to your diaper bag to protect your baby’s delicate bottom from painful diaper rash.

Once you are confident at handling your baby on short excursions, you can venture out for longer trips such as grocery shopping. Pick mornings on weekdays as supermarkets are least busy during these times, and you are more likely to find the best parking spot. Park as close to the cart corral as possible to make your live easier when you leave. While in the supermarket, you should use carts with built-in baby seat or wear your baby on you. When you’ve finished shopping, settle your baby back safely in the car before unloading the grocery.

When you are familiar with all the routines of taking your baby out on a trip, you can attempt longer car rides. Fill up your tank before departure, and do some homework to find out the locations of rest stops along your way. Factor in all the expected and unpredictable extra time you might need for your journey when traveling with your baby. Keep some large plastic zipper bags in your car so that when accidents do happen, you can keep the odour from soiled diapers and clothes to a minimum. 

You should avoid taking your baby into direct sunlight in the first 6 months. Once the baby is old enough to enjoy a bit of the outdoor sun, keep a safe mineral sunblock at hand to prevent sun damage to you baby’s young skin. For example, our Sunblocz Baby + Kids contains all natural ingredients and offers broad spectrum protection. It blocks off UV rays by pure physical mechanism so you don’t have to worry about exposing your baby to harmful chemicals.

You should always keep an emergency baby supply kit in your trunk. The items should include a blanket, a change of clothes, diapers and wipes, a clean empty bottle, servings of powder formula and a bottle of sterilized water. 

Be confident, positive and over-prepared, and have fun travelling with your baby! 

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