Your Baby’s Reaction To Diaper Rash

Without remembering what it’s like to have diaper rash as a baby, it can be hard to understand just how painful and irritating diaper rash can be. Itchy, raw, and painful are just a few words that describe this condition.

Diaper rash can be very mild, from just a few red spots to a full blown case where you notice your baby’s bottom is covered in a raised red rash that appears to have spread all over.

Try to remember a rash, such as poison ivy that you’ve had in the past, or even try to remember a time when something such as clothing that was  too tight irritated your skin. It becomes dry, red, and itchy, and all you want to do is scratch and get rid of the pain.

This is what diaper rash does to babies, but it is worse because it’s on the most sensitive area of their body, and they can’t scratch it. The fact that they don’t know why they are in pain just aggravates the situation. The redder looking it is, the worse it feels to your baby.

This is why it’s important that if you notice signs of diaper rash, to take action immediately by using a cream such as Baby Butz right away to help calm your baby’s diaper rash symptoms. Your baby is relying on you to help them feel better and to relieve them from the pain of diaper rash. You know what to do when you have a rash; you’re all your baby has. If diaper rash persists, and Baby Butz Cream cannot heal the skin, it may be a yeast infection, a visit to your Doctor is recommended.

You can also use Baby Butz diaper rash cream at every change to guarantee that your child will never develop diaper rash again.

Do you have a story about your baby’s diaper rash and how you were able to cure it with Baby Butz diaper rash cream? Please tell us in the comments below.