I went to the pharmacy to buy some calamine lotion for my shingles rash. They suggested I try Supraderm. In three days my rash had dried up. One spot that I did not treat has turned into a blister. I would recommend this cream for people with shingles.

Karen W

A Miracle Cream

I wish it could get rid of wrinkles too! All my other skin abruptions are gone! What a miracle product you have. Thank you Supraderm!

Robert T

I love this cream…

Supraderm is a great cream for so many skin conditions. I have used it on a pimple, a little skin bump on my arm, a few mosquito bites and the heels of my feet. I showed the skin bump to my doctor and he said it was a dermatofibroma – a harmless skin bump. I’ve had this bump for nearly 4 years, but I decided to try a small amount of Supraderm on this bump nightly. I have used the cream now for 1 week (I skipped a few days), and the bump has decreased by over half! It should be gone within another week. I love this stuff!

Gloria Penfield

Great Product!

I had to write and let you know how happy I am with your product. A friend gave me a sample of Supraderm to try on a jewelry rash. I took it but decided to use an OTC cortizone cream instead. The rash cleared up in a couple days, but then came back. I decided to try your cream this time. I felt an instant pain and itch relief and I was glad when it didn’t rinse off under water. Within 2 days the rash was totally gone. It has been three weeks now, and no more rash. Thank you!

Diane S

Even on the dog it works!

Feel free to use this recommendation of your product! I have a dog that is prone to rashes from being allergic to certain foods and the grass, and who knows what else. She gets rashes. Most of the expensive stuff the vet gives me, makes her thirsty, kind of hyper, just weird acting, so I tried your Supraderm cream. I put it on her belly and also put on the big collar so she wouldn’t lick it off. Within 24 hours , her rash had gone way down, her skin wasn’t red and irritated, some rash bumps, but the rash was nearly cleared up! I was stunned. I used it again one more day and her rash is 98% gone. I am so pleased that I’m taking some to my vet!

Joanne Kelly

Help Me find more

My mother is in a nursing home, we were told we could not use any products that are for babies – it is not dignified. However, my Mom had diaper rash and nothing was curing it. A friend gave me your new product – what a godsend! They hadn’t heard of it in the nursing home, but I insisted they try it. Supraderm cleared up the rash and kept her skin healthy and dry. I’m so relieved, but I don’t know where to buy it when we need more. Please let me know where I can get your product and let me know if you have a larger size jar. Thank you.

Paul W

Product Suggestion

Hello – I used your product for a breakout rash on my arm that was itchy and red. It did provide itch relief and the rash cleared up in about 2 days. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t wash the cream off my hands very easily. I guess that is good that it doesn’t let anything onto the skin.

Chris P

Supraderm is an amazing product! Paraben FREE with quality ingredients, this cream is a find! I am now using this product as a cream/ healing ointment for my chemotherapy. Supraderm has multiple benefits for all ages and uses. It’s now a necessity around the house. I will be recommending this cream to friends and family and healthcare providers!

Lynn S

Hello – I used your product for a breakout rash on my arm that was itchy and red. It did provide itch relief and the rash cleared up in about 2 days. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t wash the cream off my hands very easily. I guess that is good that it doesn’t let anything onto the skin.

Chris P

I love SUPRADERM!!! It should be a standard in all first aid kits. I have returned to running and unfortunately I’m a person that chaffs easily, but now I just put the Supraderm on and I heal quickly. Thank you.

EJ Ross

It also works fabulously on eczema! Thank you!!!

Erin S

I have urinary incontinence and have been using Supraderm and it works!

David M

After trying many different creams including prescription creams Supraderm was the only one that worked on my eczema! I have even used it for burns I get in the kitchen. This cream is fabulous and I am so thankful for a cream that finally worked!! Recommend to all I know!

Jennifer S

I suffer from hemorrhoids and they have become increasingly irritated and aggravated the last few months. Preparation H and the other over the counter treatments didn’t seem to help but I tried Supraderm cream and I’ve noticed significant relief to the symptoms that plague me. The itchiness and irritation have subsided substantially and I couldn’t be more thankful. It works like a charm. Thanks again.

Mike L

I gave some Supraderm cream to my diabetic dad to heal a skin ulcer and now he uses it on everything!! He’s become like the Greek dad with windex in “My Big Fat Greek wedding!!”

L Baxter

I thought I would let you know that your cream also worked for my son. He got scratched badly by our cat. His skin started to swell and get itchy. He applied your cream and it healed almost immediately. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks.


I have been battling severely chapped lips and cracked corners of the lips for a couple of months now. and after just one application they were about 95% better and the next morning they were fine! Amazing!

Heather B

Supraderm cream is amazing! My son has cute rolls but they get real red in the folds; a little bit rubbed in and by the next day it’s gone! I put this cream on after every change and it sure makes changing easy to clean. The best part is we can all use it! It works fabulous on my eczema and my stepson’s pimples. Thank you!

N Batstone

A few years ago, my husband ended up with very bad frostbite and the doctor prescribed a zinc based ointment. Since then, we use Supraderm cream on our faces when being outside in cold weather. We haven’t had a problem since. Supraderm is useful for healing/preventing frostbite and this could open a whole new marketing base for your product – skiers, snowmobilers, kids playing outside, etc. You might also want to do some testing for windburn or even sun protection.

E Chartier

I was introduced to Supraderm by a friend who mentioned it may help sooth my eczema. The result was fantastic and now I do not have to rely as much on steroidal creams. I keep a jar of Supraderm at home as well as at work and in my gym bag. Excellent product and great results – Thank You!

Stanley C

I had been fighting that cold sore since for over a week, usually they last a day or two if I get them at all. Less than 24 hours after used SupradermI am amazed to report that it almost completely healed! I certainly would be happy to endorse your product!!

M Edwards

I have used Supradermon myself. I have sensitive skin that often gets irritated, heat rash from sitting all day for work. It is a wonderful product and has helped a lot. Thank you.

J LeBlanc

I just wanted to say this cream is definitely one of a kind. I’ve had eczema since I was a baby, and throughout the years, I’ve tried many different types of creams and ointments to relieve and soothe the rashes, but none really worked. I tried it on my eczema around my stomach area, which was incredibly itchy and spreading fast. I put it on at night time, and when I woke up it already dried up and was no longer itchy! I’ve been using it ever since, and I definitely see improvement in my skin. I haven’t had any of my eczema come back in certain areas of my body, that I always had a problem with before. This is definitely a miracle cream!

S Shine

I’ve been using the cream for minor little eczema itches and rashes which I get frequently and the Supraderm cream works great for those, but today I don’t know what happened but I got eczema over my entire face and wrist! I think it’s something I ate. Anyway, I’m currently white as a Mime and happy as can be – Not even the ointment from my Almighty Doctor has helped with the itching but Supraderm cream works! Supraderm cream is my favorite eczema cream – I’m a very happy camper. This really should belong in everyone’s cabinet for any kind of itchy rash.

M Weiss

This stuff is great for everything!!! Love it 🙂

Tara G

Hemmoroids – Today I was in agony with them. I applied Supraderm and immediately the pain was GONE!!

Please keep manufacturing this great product.

Bev S

After major surgery, home care nurses are tending to my wound. I am allergic to the tape they use. I purchased Supraderm and even the nurses are amazed how quickly it heals. Thanks.

D Martin