Being a mom is one of the most rewarding but also challenging jobs in the world. When you are facing a crying newborn with little experience, life can get extremely chaotic and overwhelming.

We have hand picked some great tips to reduce your anxiety and make you better prepared for possible baby crisis.

1.Your baby can handle quite a bit of noise

You might think you need to keep everything hush hush so that your baby can sleep in peace, but the reality is babies are used to loud sound. The womb was a rather noisy environment with what was constantly going on inside and outside the mother’s body. You can go about your daily life such as doing laundry or even vacuuming the carpet with a new born in the same room. In fact we encourage you to do this as early as possible so the baby can learn to  be comfortable with audio disturbances.

2.Prep early is the golden rule

Time management is essential for surviving the early motherhood. Newborn babies need feeding every few hours, it is recommended that whenever possible, you should prepare the  next meal as soon as you finish this one. If you need to take a trip outside the house with your baby, start getting ready at least 1 hour before your departure. 

3.Don’t fret too much between breastmilk and formula

Breastmilk is great for your baby, but it is not always practical or possible to go with this option. Millions of baby grow up by formula just fine, and there is no need to lose sleep on which one to choose. 

4.Warm blanket trick

If your baby wakes up the moment you put him or her back into the crib and starts to cry for your cradling arms, chances are the baby is attached to the warmth of your body. You can pre-warm the blankets with heat pads or toss the blankets in the dryer for a few minutes to get them nice and warms, and your baby will have a much better time snuggling up to his or her own bed.

5.Help your baby bond with Dad

Create plenty of opportunities for father and child bonding. It is important that Dad is also participating in the daily routines of diaper change, feeding and playing. This allows the baby to recognized there are more than one person from whom to receive love, care and comfort. 

6.Keep an emergency diaper kit in your car at all times

Accidents do happen, and you will thank yourself a million times by being prepared. Always keep a diaper kit in your car and make sure things are regularly checked and replenished. The items should include a blanket, a change of clothes, diapers and wipes, a few plastic zipper bags, a clean empty bottle, servings of powder formula and a bottle of sterilized water. Of course, our lovely Baby Butz cream is also a must-have in your emergency stash. Simply put a layer on your baby’s bum after diaper change and you have built a strong defence for hours against diaper rash!

7.Layer your baby’s beddings

A diaper blow-out in the middle of the night can ruin your sleep. One trick is to buy waterproof sheet and dress your baby’s bed in layers. You can have one waterproof sheet at the bottom, one mattress cover on top, then repeat with another waterproof sheet and mattress cover. With this set-up, when accidents happen, you can simply strip off the first two layers and leave the soiled beddings to next day’s laundry, clean your baby and go back to sleep.

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photo by Andrew Branch