Baby Butz Each Day Keeps The Diaper Rash Away!

As you may already know diaper rash is a type of dermatitis, meaning that it is an inflamed rash that occurs when the skin becomes irritated. Babies who wear diapers are susceptible to diaper rashes because the moistures in diaper comes into contact with the skin. A common misconception about diaper rash is that it is a sign that the caretaker is not changing the diaper frequently enough. Although, diaper rash can be caused by the prolonged wearing and infrequent changing it can also happen overnight, during naps, or long car rides… pretty much any time when your baby’s diaper needs to be on and cannot be changed immediately. A constant or reoccurring diaper rash, may suggest that the you should be changing the diaper sooner or more often. However, some little ones are just more susceptible than others and can begin to show signs of a rash after little or no time at all.

Although quite common, diaper rashes can be extremely painful if left untreated. For this reason it is a good idea to take preventative actions before the inflammation occurs. Making sure that you take steps to prevent the diaper rash is the best way to assure that it does not come back, or become severe. We have included some more helpful tips for diaper rash prevention.

1. Change The Diaper Often

Get into the habit of changing your little one’s diaper frequently especially when they are very young. Newborns are much more sensitive and can break out in a rash easily so keep checking their bottoms and change them at the first sign of wetness. Older babies and toddlers do not need to be changed quite as much, but you should still make a point of checking them hourly during the day, and changing their overnight diapers first thing in the morning. If they frequently wake up uncomfortable in the middle of the night, try a fresh diaper!

2. Keep Your Baby’s Bottom Fresh and Clean

When you change your child’s diaper make sure that you wipe and clean the area diligently. Even if you can’t see any moisture or mess you should still make sure that you give it a wipe in case there has been contact with urine. Excess moisture caused from wet baby wipes or a cloth with water can also cause irritation. If you see that the area is wet, pat it dry before putting the diaper on.

3. Apply Diaper Rash Cream As A Preventative Measure

Like we mentioned above there are certain times where diapers need to be on but can’t be changed for convience reasons. This is when it is a good idea to put some diaper rash cream on just in case. Basically, diaper rash cream serves two purposes preventative and treating. If you apply a diaper rash cream like Baby Butz liberally before naps and bedtime your little one will be much less likely to wake up with an sudden rash.

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