When a baby gets diarrhea, diaper rash usually follows.

There is nothing worse than having a sick baby. Coping with the poop mess caused by a baby who is suffering from diarrhea is something that no parent enjoys.

Sounds gross? If you are a new mom or dad, the truth is, eventually this is a situation that you will also have to deal with. Babies tend to get diarrhea at least once or twice during infant-hood. The diarrhea is typically caused by illness ( influenza ) or eating something that does not agree with their young stomachs. Certain babies with stomach sensitivities may get diarrhea more often than others. A diaper rash when your baby has diarrhea is practically inevitable! However, if you take preventative action you can make sure that the diaper rash heals fast and isn’t too severe.

We have mentioned before on this blog that diaper rash can be extremely painful for infants. Although they may not always cry or scream, a diaper rash can be as painful as a burn. For this reason you want to take action right away to soothe a diarrhea caused diaper rash. A sick baby will probably be extra irritable if they are having digestive issues and suffering from the rash.

The first thing that you should do is clean the area thoroughly. Be careful not to rub the skin, because that will cause more irritation. Instead, the caretakers should dab the area while cleansing and then dab again to dry it with a cloth. Once the skin is completely dry you can then begin to treat it. Take a quarter size amount of diaper rash cream and dab it onto the baby’s bottom. Do this gently.

For treatment, our Baby Butz diaper rash cream is a great option! It is made with 100% natural ingredients so it is guaranteed not to cause further irritation.

When your child has diarrhea their bowel movements will likely occur frequently and suddenly. This can be hard to deal with as a parent. You will have to do the cleansing process each time and then re-apply the diaper rash cream. Even if a rash is not visible, it is wise to do this as a preventative measure.

If your baby has persistent diarrhea then diaper rash will be the least of your concerns.

A young child who has been ill with diarrhea for more than 24 hours should be taken into the doctor’s office. Depending on your little one’s age ( if they are newborn to 6 months ) you may want to take them in immediately. If they are not eating or drinking you REALLY want to get them in to see someone fast because they are at a risk of becoming dehydrated.

Having a sick little one can be a really awful experience. When they are wearing diapers it can also be an unpleasant mess. In order to make sure that your child does not also get a severe diaper rash you will want to be diligent about applying the diaper rash cream. As always, choose a cream that is natural and made with ingredients that you trust! All care-givers should keep a close eye on a baby who is experiencing diarrhea and take them in to a doctor if the issue persists for a long period of time.[:]