We were invited to review this Baby Butz cream but unless I can convince my aching body, leaking bladder and overworked husband that having another child is a good idea then there are no butz in this house younger than 5. However we do have a few different skin issues especially with my youngest who appears to be more like mummy when it comes to allergies than the poor little boy should be.

They day this cream arrived by daughter decided she had to use it straight away. Now in the past few weeks my daughters hands have become dry, but not dry from lack of moisture. You she Santa brought her a jar of body whip  and  she has been putting  it on daily , in fact she has been putting it on so much (cheap moisturizer it smells like strawberries and chemicals) that I have started to become concerned with just how often she “needs” to have it on. (Keeping my eye on this).

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