From the day that your baby is born until the day that they have finished potty training, your little one’s bum is susceptible to diaper rash. For this reason many new moms ask “what is the best diaper rash treatment to use?”  There are many diaper rash treatments available on the market, some more effective than others. For parents who are concerned about the ingredients in their baby products and use only natural baby products finding a good diaper rash treatment can be a difficult task. In today’s article we are going to talk about the best process for treating diaper rash and why a cream containing zinc oxide in a base of natural ingredients is the best choice.


What causes diaper rash?

Diaper rash is usually caused by the contents of a soiled diaper making contact with the baby’s skin. It is important to know that diaper rash is not really a rash,  it’s closer to a chemical burn caused by urine and feces.

It is a common misconception that diaper rash only occurs if the diaper has been left on too long.

This is not true. A diaper rash can occur even if the diaper has been soiled only for a short while. This is important for parents to know. Many caregivers feel guilty when they are changing the diaper and they see the telling red irritation. However, this is not a sign of neglecting your baby’s diaper for too long. Diaper rashes can appear quickly because most babies tend to have sensitive skin.

Diaper rash is painful!  A baby suffering from diaper rash may cry and/or move their bodies to try to alleviate the pain.

A diaper rash may also be caused by the type of food that the baby eats. Certain foods may irritate the baby’s skin in the soiled diaper more than others. Teething babies also may develop diaper rashes more easily from diarrhea.

Some babies are genetically inclined to get diaper rash and may suffer from it more frequently than others. If your baby has chronic (re-occurring) diaper rash, it may be because they have extremely sensitive skin.

For new moms, it is good to be aware of what causes a diaper rash so that you are not surprised the first time you see it.  Newborn poop,  the greenish-black tar-like stuff — is called meconium and easily irritates delicate newborn skin.

Diaper rash in early infant hood is extremely common and not something to get too stressed out about. However, when you do notice a diaper rash you want to act quickly to treat it.

Diaper rash that regularily re-occurs can be considered chronic diaper rash. The diaper rash may go away and come back many times if the treatment being used is not effective. Our Baby Butz cream typically clears up a diaper rash in  4 to 6 hours. If you use Baby Butz cream and the diaper rash does not clear up within a 24 hour period you may want to consider making an appointment with your Pediatrician.


How to treat chronic diaper rash at home

Chronic diaper rash can occur because the diaper rash treatment being used is not getting the job done. It may surprise you to hear, but there are many well known diaper rash creams on the market that contain ingredients that can actually further irritate the rash especially if the baby has extremely sensitive skin. Avoid diaper rash creams that contain alcohol, chemicals and perfume as they will certainly make the diaper rash worse.

It is  good to look for an all natural diaper rash cream that contains the ingredient, zinc oxide.

Zinc is a mineral that is extremely helpful with healing the skin. Zinc contains antioxidant properties that are good for the skin and clears up the irritation.

Our Baby Butz diaper rash cream is an all natural diaper rash cream that contains a large percentage of zinc oxide proven to speed up the healing process.

The process for treating a diaper rash is simple:

  • Dab the irritated area with a warm cloth or baby wipe
  • Pat dry and remove all moisture
  • Apply a quarter size amount of diaper rash cream to the irritated area
  • Spread the diaper rash cream gently
  • Put on a clean diaper


If your baby suffers from chronic diaper rash it is a good idea to be pro-active rather than re-active…meaning that it is best to apply a protective diaper rash cream at every diaper change as a preventative measure, including before bed time, naps or long car rides instead of only applying a diaper rash cream when your child has a rash.


How long does it take for a diaper rash to heal?

When the proper diaper rash treatment is applied, the rash should clear within a twenty four hours. If the rash is more severe it may take a day or two to clear up. Baby Butz diaper rash cream is well known for healing  diaper rash fast.  Most mild rashes are healed within 4-6 hours after the first application and severe rashes in 24 hours. 

Diaper rash creams containing a high percentage of zinc oxide in combination with natural ingredients is the best and safest way to heal diaper rash.

 What you do not want to do is apply oils, lotions or moisturizers to the skin as a substitute for a diaper rash cream. Products like Vaseline and Baby oil only lubricate the skin and do not contain the healing properties of a zinc oxide.

In the old days, a natural treatment often recommended was “air drying” – however this solution is not practical as it will take 4 to 6 days for a diaper rash to clear up this way.

Organic products containing oils are sometimes suggested, but these will wipe off easily when you put the diaper back on. Remember…easy on…easy off.  Look for a product like Baby Butz cream that stays on and sticks to the skin, only then can you be reassured that the product is protecting and healing your baby’s delicate skin.


Treating Diaper Rash The Easy Way!

If you discover a diaper rash on your baby’s bum do not panic. Diaper rashes are fairly common on infants especially in the early months of life. Whether your baby wears disposable diapers or cloth diapers diaper rash can still occur. Breastfed babies and formula fed babies also get diaper rash, it doesn’t discriminate. Baby’s with sensitive skin may get diaper rashes more frequently. The best way to clear the diaper rash up is with an all natural diaper rash cream. Natural diaper rash creams with high percentage of zinc oxide will clear up the rash faster than diaper rash creams with a smaller percentage of zinc oxide.

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If treated properly a diaper rash can be healed quickly.   Diaper rashes are a normal for diaper wearing babies to get, however, if it doesn’t go away in a reasonable amount of time, it may not be a diaper rash, so you may want to have it checked by your doctor if the rash persists.

In conclusion, the best diaper rash treatment for mild to severe diaper rash is to use a natural product that contains zinc oxide.  A great cream like Baby Butz will stick to the skin and protect it, healing the rash up fast. Give this a try and voila, say good-bye to that nasty looking chronic diaper rash![:]