Other Uses of Baby Butz Cream

You may think that tub of Baby Butz cream is only good to help get rid of your baby’s diaper rash, and while that is the solution it is marketed for, you can use it for many other things, including for yourself.

If you have any Baby Butz cream left after your baby’s diaper rash is gone, try the following:

• It works as a great remedy to eczema, both on children and adults.

• It’s especially good for heat rashes.
• Use it on dry elbows, dry cracked heels and other patches of scaly skin for moisture and relief.
• Use it as a complete sun block
• It stops the itching from bug bites, poison ivy, poison oak, etc

These are only some the things you can use your Baby Butz cream for, in addition to its main purpose of curing your baby’s diaper rash. We’d love to hear of any other uses you may have for this super thick cream.

Please leave us a comment letting us know what you have used Baby Butz Cream for.